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Alan along with his wife Rosemary work to create these amazing sea creature. Their experiences snorkeling and fishing strongly influence their art. They make art about fish, aquatic life and animals. The process starts with a series of sketches. They use stoneware clay or porcelain to make the basic forms. These forms are manipulated, hollowed out and added to. The teeth and eyes are made out of porcelain. The pieces are bisque fired. Glazes are applied by dipping, spraying and brushing. The pieces are then fired again. The artwork is about form, expression, color, texture and movement. Each piece is unique.

Alan received an MFA in Ceramics from Ohio State University and a BFA from Arizona State University. Alan’s art has been exhibited internationally as well as throughout the United States. Rosemary has a BAE degree from Ohio State University. Her work has been shown nationally. Alan and Rosemary met in 1980 at Ohio State.

At the gallery we always have a wide variety of their pieces. If interested in seeing more email or call the gallery. We will be happy to send photos of the wall. The work we have currently ranges in price from $35.00 to $1250.00.

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