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Clayton begins to describes his work as a “Complex laying of biomorphic shapes, interweaving design. and saturated colors”. He also says, “Looking into any one of my pieces will take you deep into a maze of parts, design, formal unities, and holistic composition that will give you a sense of revelation into the pieces design and meaning. He uses an array of techniques and processes to complete his aluminum sculptures and mixed media paintings. His metal working process employs MIG and TIG welding, plasma cutting, and grinding. The color is applied after the fabrication is complete using brushes, airbrushes and paint moving tools. Finally, he coats his work with a saturated translucent automotive finish.

Clayton likes to blend modern abstract sensibilities with formal subjects. His currant work includes sea life which relates to his fascination with the ocean, hearts symbolizing a strong connection to family, and modern abstracts illustrating a passion for color and form.